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The following is a list of D.O.P.’S that i have worked with:

Steven Poster
Vilmos Zsigmond
Mac Ahlberg
John Baily
Peter Benison
Ludek Bogner
Christophe Bonnière
Michael Buckley
Ian Campbell
Malcolm Cross
Rob Draper
John Dyer
Guy Ferner
James Gartner
Michael Givens
Steve Gordon
Manfred Guthe
C.B. Harding
Peter Hartman
Walt Lloyd
Ryan McMaster
Ron Stannett
Michael Story
Derick Underschultz
Derek Vanlint
Gary Waller
George Willis
Nick Allen Wolfe
Rene Ohashi
Guillermo Navaro

Jim Westenbrink has worked in the film business for nearly 30 years. He has worked side by side with some of the best directors and producers in the industry. Jim is a member of the DGC as a second unit director, Canadian Society of Cinematographers, Iatse 600 LA – DP, Iatse 667 DP/ Operator & Iatse 873 as a lighting technician in Toronto.

Jim Westenbrink is originally from Orangeville, Ontario with a Dutch background. Jim has worked in many different countries.

Jim Westenbrink is exceptional with his lighting and has an incredible eye. He has been nominated for many awards including a Gemini. Jim Westenbrink has produced, directed and shot his own projects for Parks Canada and Ontario Parks. He knows how to keep your show moving forward on time and budget.

Please see resumes below and agent information for availability.

Let Jim Westenbrink turn your projects into visual magic.

  • Member of Iatse 600 LA, Iatse 667 TO
  • USA work Visa

Blue Blood
(Replacement DOP 2episodes)
CBS Producers: Mitchell Burgess & Leonard Goldburg
Cougar Town
(Replacement DOP 2episodes)

Producer, Director, DOP:

Prod: Thea Mann, David Arquette,Courtney Cox
The Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery (Pilot) Parks Canada Producer, Director, DOP
Jim Westenbrink
Ontario Parks Learn to Camp Producer, Director, DOP
Jim Westenbrink
St. Brigid’s Medical
Epitome Pictures Prod: Linda Schuyler, Stephen Stohn
Degrassi: TNG
Season 8 & 9(44 episodes)
Nickelodeon/CTV/Epitome Pictures Prod: Linda Schuyler, Stephen Stohn, Aaron Martin, Brendon Yorke
Da Kink In My Hair
Season 1 (Pilot) (13 episodes)
Global/Barna-Alper Productions Prod: Laszlo Barna, Trey Anthony
Ngozi Paul, Damion Nurse
Season 1 (Pilot) (11episodes)
USA Network/ NBC Universal Prod: Tony Shalhoub ,Rob Thompson, Fern Field, Andy Beckman, David Hoberman
Mutant X Tribune/ Marvel Entertainment Prod: Rich Ungan, Avi Arad,
Jay Firestone, Jamie Paul Rock
Le Femme Nikita
Seasons 3,4,5
UPN/Warner Brothers/Fireworks Prod: Joel Surnow, Jamie Paul Rock
Traders Alliance Atlantis/Global Prod: Sandie Pereira, Seaton McLean

Whiskey Bussiness CMT/E
Cast: Paully Shore,Tanya Tucker
One Dir. Robert Iscove
Prod: Ira Pincus, Noella Nesdoly
The Rest of My Life

Nickelodeon/Epitome Pictures

Prod: Linda Schuyler, Stephen Stohn
Degrassi Takes Manhattan Nickelodeon/Epitome Pictures Dir. Stephen Brogren
Paradise City: Degrassi Goes Hollywood Nickelodeon/Epitome Pictures
Cast: Kevin Smith
Prod: Linda Schuyler, Stephen Stohn
Dir: Stefan Brogren
Housesitter Lifetime/Muse Entertainment
Cast: Tori Spelling,
Dir. Christopher Leitch
Prod: Jesse Prupas, David Patterson
Dean McDermott
Black Widower Lifetime/Muse Ent
Cast: Kelly McGillis
Dir. Christopher Leitch
Prod: Jesse Pnupas,
Neil Bregman, David Patterson
Mind Over Murder Lifetime /Muse Entertainment
Cast: Tori Spelling
Dir. Christopher Leitch
Prod: Jesse Prupas, Dean McDermott David Patterson
Snow Disney Channel/ABC
Cast: Thomas Cavanaugh
Dir. Alex Zamm
Prod: Kevin Lafferty, Myra Morris, Phil Kruener
Soul Searchers (Pilot) CBS Dir. Stephen Harold
Night Shadows (Pilot) Castle Rock Entertainment Dir: John Lovett

Stanley And The Boys Independent Dir. Thomas Scott
The Legend of Brideshead

YTV Productions

Dir: Jim Westenbrink Westenbrink
How to Marry a Mink SOK Productions / Equinoxe Films Dir. Carl Knutson
Prod: Sandy Kellerman

Features – Second Unit
Wolves Copper Heart Entertainment Dir. David Slayter
Prod. Steve Hoban, Mark Smith
The Haunter

Copper Heart Entertainment

Dir:Vincenzo Natali
Prod: Steve Hoban, Mark Smith
(2nd Unit DOP/OP)
Gaumont / Copper Heart Entertainment
Cast: Adrien Brody, Sarah Polley
Dir: Vincenzo Natali
Prod: Steven Hoban
The Incredible Hulk
Additional Unit Cast: Ed Norton, Liv Tyler
Dir: Lois Leterrier
Prod: Avi Arad, Gale Anne Hurd
American Pie Presents
The Naked Mile
(2nd Unit DOP)
Universal Pictures
Cast: Eugene Levy
Dir: Joe Nussbaum
Prod: Byron Martin, W.K. Border
Man of the Year
(2nd Unit DOP/OP)
Universal/Morgan Creek Prod.
Cast: Robin Williams, Christopher Waiken
Dir.:Barry Levinson
Prod: David Coatsworth, James Robinson, David Robinson
Firehouse Dog Dir.:Todd Holland
(2nd Unit DOP/OP)
20th Century Fox /New Regency
Cast: Bruce Greenwood, Dash Mihok
Prod: Michael Maschio,
Mike Werb, Michael Colleary
Skulls II
(2nd Unit DOP/OP)
Universal Pictures/Newmarket Dir.:David McLeod
Prod: Miles Dale, Neal Monitz, Linda Hawkins

TV Series & MOW – Second Unit
Kevin Hill
(2nd Unit DOP)
UPN/Icon Productions Prod: Michael Maschio, Nora Foster, Abe Hoch David Solomon
(2nd Unit DOP)

Fox/ Regency Television

Dir: Todd Holland,
Prod: Michael Maschio, Paul Rabwin, Dan Fesman
Blue Murder
(2nd Unit DOP/OP)
Global/Barna-Alper Productions Prod: Laszlo Barna, Steve Lucas
Santa Who
(2nd Unit DOP/OP)
ABC/Disney/Hearst Entertainment
Cast: Leslie Nielsen
Dir. William Dear
Prod: Robert Schwartz, Chad Hoffman

Gaffer Credits
Moonlight Becomes You – MOW Family Network Gaffer
King – TV Series


Rigging Gaffer
Remember Me – MOW CBS Gaffer
Covert Affairs – Series   Rigging Best Boy
Falling Skies – TV Series TNT Rigging Gaffer
Against the Wall – TV Series Universal Cable Rigging Gaffer
Total Recall – Feature Universal Second Unit – Rigging Gaffer
Still Seas – Feature Warner Brothers Second Unit – Rigging Gaffer
Justice – Pilot Atlantis Gaffer
Nikita – TV Series
3 Seasons
USA NetworK Gaffer
The Assistant – Feature Paragon Gaffer
Hardy Boys – TV Series CBC Gaffer
Due South – TV Series
3 Seasons
CBS Gaffer
E.N.G. – TV Series CTV Gaffer
Model by Day – MOW ABC Gaffer
Blackout – MOW NBC Gaffer
White Room – MOW ABC Gaffer
Red Blooded American Girl – Feature Universal Gaffer
Top Cops – ( Four Seasons ) – TV Series CBS Gaffer
Twas the Night – MOW NBC Gaffer
Forever Night – TV Series CBC Gaffer
My Left Breast – MOW ABC Gaffer
Diamonds – TV Series CBS Gaffer
Escape Clause – MOW CTV Gaffer
David’s Mother – MOW ABC Gaffer
Secret Service – TV Series CBS Second Unit Gaffer
Phantoms – MOW Alliance/Atlantis Second Unit Gaffer
Grid Lock – MOW Alliance Second Unit Gaffer
Stanley With the Boys – Feature   Gaffer
Johnny Mneumonic – Feature   Rigging Best Boy
J.F.K. – Mini Series   Second Unit Gaffer
Matrix – TV Series Fox Second Unit Gaffer
Gangsters – TV Pilot CBS Second Unit Gaffer
Police Files – TV Pilot CBS Second Unit Gaffer
Abraxes – Feature Universal-Rose & Ruby Gaffer
E.N.G. – TV Series Alliance Second Unit Gaffer
Commercials – Gaffer over 200 Spots