The following is a list of D.O.P.’S that i have worked with:

Steven Poster
Vilmos Zsigmond
Mac Ahlberg
John Baily
Peter Benison
Ludek Bogner
Christophe Bonnière
Michael Buckley
Ian Campbell
Malcolm Cross
Rob Draper
John Dyer
Guy Ferner
James Gartner
Michael Givens
Steve Gordon
Manfred Guthe
C.B. Harding
Peter Hartman
Walt Lloyd
Ryan McMaster
Ron Stannett
Michael Story
Derick Underschultz
Derek Vanlint
Gary Waller
George Willis
Nick Allen Wolfe
Rene Ohashi
Guillermo Navaro

Jim Westenbrink has worked in the film business for nearly 30 years. He has worked side by side with some of the best directors and producers in the industry. Jim is a member of the DGC as a second unit director, Canadian Society of Cinematographers, Iatse 600 LA – DP, Iatse 667 DP/ Operator & Iatse 873 as a lighting technician in Toronto.

Jim Westenbrink is originally from Orangeville, Ontario with a Dutch background. Jim has worked in many different countries.

Jim Westenbrink is exceptional with his lighting and has an incredible eye. He has been nominated for many awards including a Gemini. Jim Westenbrink has produced, directed and shot his own projects for Parks Canada and Ontario Parks. He knows how to keep your show moving forward on time and budget.

Please see resumes below and agent information for availability.

Let Jim Westenbrink turn your projects into visual magic.

  • Member of Iatse 600 LA, Iatse 667 TO
  • USA work Visa

Gaffer ResumeDirector of Photography Resume